Always know what's in your bar and what cocktails you can make
You have alcohol, some beverages and fruits and wonder what cocktails you can make? My Bar is for you. Just choose what ingredients you have and My Bar will show you a list of all cocktails you can enjoy and offer to your friends.
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My Bar

All your ingredients in one place. For each one, quickly see how many cocktails you can make with that particular ingredients.

Manage Bar

Choose what ingredients are on your bar shelf, see how many cocktails are available with that particular ingredient.

My Cocktails

All cocktails you can make using only ingredients you have. Below that list, cocktails that you almost can make, missing one or two ingredients. You can easily see what exactly you need to add to your bar shelf to expand the list of your cocktails.

All Cocktails

Just a list of all cocktails available. Do you really care about 9000 cocktails other applications offer? Most of them you probably won't like. We include only carefully chosen and most popular cocktails. The cocktails you can make are highlighted, you know that you can make it. For other cocktails missing ingredients are listed.

Cocktail Details

Cocktail description and a detailed recipe with the list of needed ingredients including garnish.

Ingriedient Details

Browse all cocktails with Tequila, for example, quickly see which of these cocktails you can make right now.